Oki ES3451

Oki ES3452, ES5462 & ES5431

We’re proud to announce the release of our Remanufactured Oki ES3452, ES5462 and ES5431 toner cartridges.

All of our toner cartridges are developed, re-engineered and produced right here in our UK manufacturing facility giving traceable authenticity to their source, as well as health and safety compliance of materials used.

Unique Toner Life Guarantee

Every Tinto® cartridge is fully charged with premium quality high-resolution toner, individually matched with the specified OPC drum. Provides increased page yield and much lower cost per page without sacrificing quality.

All Tinto® brand cartridges are guaranteed against defects, and to equal or exceed the original on all documents, both text and graphics, throughout the entire toner life of the cartridge.